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How to order paulownia?

As I wrote on this site, our company S.C Agro Oprea Industry Srl (located in Romania, Arad ) deliver paulownia plants all over the European Union.

To order paulownia elongata plants, please send the following information to email :
1. Send your details: name, address (country), telephone number, email address and also, number of plants that you want;
2. We will make a proforma invoice that you receive on the internet with data provided by you;
3. Based on your proforma invoice you pay deposit of 20% of the invoice and the order is confirmed;
4. The remaining money  you will pay when you receive the plants;
5. The plants will be sent via courier ;
6.Prices do not include the transport;

***we take orders for spring 2013. Advantage of ordering is that you have reserved for spring the  plants you want to plant.
In stock we still have 400 plants!

I remember once again the prices:
20 plants, price 134 euro
50 plants, price 317,5 euro
100 plants, price 601, 4 euro
600 plante, price 3120 euro  (planted on one hectare)
1500 plante , price 7500 euro 
***Our plants are in containers with soil and have a height of 25-30 cm
Paulownia plants

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