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What is paulownia tree?

Paulownia trees are part of about 17 species and belong to the family  Paulowniaceae. These trees are native to China, are found in the region such as Laos and Vietnam, but are also found in Japan and Korea. Paulowina are deciduous trees and have a height of 12-15 m, the leaf is heart shaped and has a diameter of 15-40 cm. Paulownia trees are growing very rapidly in the first years of life grows about 3 m per year. Some species of Paulownia can be planted for timber and can be cut in less than five years. These trees are also called  PHOENIX trees, due to their ability to regenerate very quickly.  

Our company sells paulownia plants at the following prices:
20 plants, price 134 euro
50 plants, price 317,5 euro
100 plants, price 601, 4 euro
600 plante, price 3120 euro  (planted on one hectare)
1500 plante , price 7500 euro 

***Our plants are in containers with soil and have a height of 25-30 cm
Paulownia plants
Our company is located in Romania and we can deliver all over European Union.
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