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Why to plant paulownia?

- Paulownia tree is very advantageous, branches do not fall, do not mess where it is planted, it is also resistant to fire and water do not print.

-Paulownia can be sold for pulp for paper manufacture, poles, building materials, plywood, furniture and its price is very high, in other words it is profitable.

-Paulownia can be sold starting at 5 or 6 years of age.
-Tree has a beautiful shape and easy to cut.

-Paulownia leaves are rich in protein and can be used as fodder for some animals.

Cost and benefits per hectare:
For 1 ha (600 plants), plants cost is 3120 Euros
Planting costs approx. 300-500 euro / ha.
You can record, after 3 years, maximum profit of 30,000 euros per hectare, which is 50 euro / tree.

Paulownia growth rate

paulownia plantation

Our company sells paulownia plants at the following prices:
20 plants, price 134 euro
50 plants, price 317,5 euro
100 plants, price 601, 4 euro
600 plante, price 3120 euro  (planted on one hectare)
1500 plante , price 7500 euro 

***Our plants are in containers with soil and have a height of 25-30 cm

Paulownia plants

Our company is located in Romania and we can deliver all over European Union.
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