joi, 1 noiembrie 2012

Paulownia imagies

Paulownia images at different ages:

Paulownia at 2 months

Paulownia at 6 months

Paulownia at 2 years

Paulownia at 4 years

Paulownia at 10 years

Pulownia flowers

Paulownia product

Our company sells paulownia plants at the following prices:
20 plants, price 134 euro
50 plants, price 317,5 euro
100 plants, price 601, 4 euro
600 plante, price 3120 euro  (planted on one hectare)
1500 plante , price 7500 euro 
***Our plants are in containers with soil and have a height of 25-30 cm
Paulownia plants
Our company is located in Romania and we can deliver all over European Union.
email: (we will respond  immediately)

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