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Planting and caring paulownia elongata

Soil preparation:
-Paulownia can be planted all year, during the early autumn or in the spring, depending on  location.
-The soil needs to be break new and you may put weed herbicide, after 6 or 8 weeks you can plant the paulownia plants;
-The distance between trees should be 4 meters;
-Next is digging the planting hole, dig a hole that is three to four times the width of the root ball and equally as wide;
- After that, place the tree in the planting hole. After the tree is straight, add a small amount of the original soil to stabilize, put water in the hole also;
 -Watering is necessary in the first 8 to 10 weeks and should be continued during periods of drought. Fertilization should be done twice a year, once in late fall or autumn and then 3 months later
 -after 6 months after planting paulownia you may cut the plants at ground level, just to give a high quality wood, so this is not mandatory, do not worry, the plants grow back even faster.

Paulownia holes

Paulownia plantation

Our company sells paulownia elongata plants at the following prices:

20 plants, price 134 euro
50 plants, price 317,5 euro
100 plants, price 601, 4 euro
600 plante, price 3120 euro  (planted on one hectare)
1500 plante , price 7500 euro 
***Our plants are in containers with soil and have a height of 25-30 cm
Paulownia plants
Our company is located in Romania and we can deliver all over European Union.
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